There is a Lot of Content Out There, But Not All Of it is Independent: NGTV-Network is Looking To Change That

With the advent of the internet, many possibilities have opened up and different ways of working and earning money have emerged. For those people whose purpose is to earn money through the creation of content, there now exists an application that can help in the process: New Generation Television (NGTV-Network).

In the beginning there was only the possibility of getting noticed through the YouTube platform. But that has been changing little by little and now there is not only that platform, there is also Instagram and other social media platforms, such as NGTV-Network.

Victoria Paulin is the founder and CEO of New Generation Television (NGTV-Network), which is an internet TV channel run as a network with the ability to be a subscription, pay to preview or watch for free. 

Victoria’s motivation for creating such a channel was to create a place for writers, independent film producers and content creators of all kinds where they would have a home they would have control over to create content.

When it comes to big networks, they may love your script but they want to change everyone or change things. Although sometimes I understand their reasons, as a creator you shouldn’t have to fight for your project all the time.” Victoria shares.

Victoria has always felt a strong attraction to the entertainment industry in her career path. She has transited through music with management, public relations, production, and even had a recording studio. She was on two different podcasts, and as time went on she worked as a reporter too.

“I literally started a production company months before the opportunity to have our own network came along. I had done my homework on cost and what other platforms wanted for TV show and film placement, so my original goal was to shoot and find a home. Then the opportunity came along to try something now and I jumped off the bridge. And I started NGTV.” Victoria explains.

She differentiates herself from the competition because she supports and understands the diversity of audiences around the world by focusing on content creators with big budgets and also the small guys who should be treated the same and have the same opportunities.

“I would like NGTV to be the home for indie. My goal is not only to get content creators to add content, but also to get new viewers.

Many people face daily obstacles that need to be overcome in order to continue advancing not only personally, but also professionally. In Victoria’s case, one of the biggest obstacles was the management of the business. 

There was a time when her company was not at the level she wanted. But with effort and tenacity she has managed to overcome that obstacle and little by little she has been climbing levels. 

During the time when television and all these streaming services were at their highest point, mine was not. I did not have enough content to keep viewers engaged daily, but I did not give up. I am still focused on finding content and bringing the network to market. I have a strong team that helps me make plays on a daily basis.” Victoria states.

In the near future, Victoria is focused on growing her business and expanding her network for which she plans to travel to different countries and find content creators who want to participate in NGTV-Network.

I want to find that kid or adult who is a genius at what they do but doesn’t have the resources or finances. There are a lot of talented writers and producers out there, but not enough people trying to take them to the next level.” She adds.

At NGTV-Network, they are working on producing more original content. They are pre-producing their first TV drama series, called Fat Boy, and are developing a talent search series. 

Learn more about Victoria and NGTV-Network by clicking here.

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