With Sheepter “Live Center” you get the Monitoring of Positions, Events, Courses, Training and more.

SHEEPTER is an online platform to connect to the business world with their “Live Center” that offers users opportunities to obtain extra economic income through side jobs. It connects its users with entrepreneurs and companies that offer economic benefits in different industrial sectors.

SHEEPTER was created with love from California, USA. In order to provide mutually beneficial job opportunities for you and your family and expand work organizations.

“Since then, the SHEEPTER team has been striving every day to locate partners with positions looking for beginners and professionals. With features such as half-shift, home office, online, part / full time and more.”

Currently, there are sources of income that are not promoted or have little exposure. But with the SHEEPTER “Live Center”, users can search, compare and select the next partner they want to work with.

SHEEPTER also allows users to follow the profiles of their associates to obtain information about new positions,events, courses, training, and thus be updated about the business market that offer different levels of economic growth.

This way, SHEEPTER collaborates to break the barrier of dead or poorly focused time. 

To the satisfaction of the Sheepter team, there is great acceptance of users in discovering additional ways to earn money according to the possibilities of their time and capacity.

“SHEEPTER believes in the increase of family capital through sources of income during your free time and with great results. Believing is power and at Sheepter we believe and we can.”

Boost your income!

SHEEPTER community:


IG:  Sheepter

Facebook: Sheepterus

Twitter: Sheepterus

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