You Won’t Want To Miss Power Couple Christoffer and Aleyna Groves At The 2022 VIP Mastermind

Christoffer and Aleyna Groves are the owners of the fastest growing mortgage company in the United States, Groves Capital. They are a residential and commercial lending company that operates in almost 20 states and have a team of incredibly talented loan officers. As a family-owned business, they are dedicated to maintaining their values and provide the best service for their clients. 

Christoffer, an experienced real estate agent, and Aleyna, talented loan officer, joined their professional strengths to build a unique business. “My wife has been my best partner because we share the same goals and dreams. She knows loans and I know how to build companies, so we own and operate the company together,” says Chris. 

Their focus in their business revolves around exceptional work ethic, customer service, and communication. “I always have big energy and confidence but I still have a big heart and I truly care about the impact I have on others lives,” states Chris. 

Christoffer and Aleyna continue to grow their business and continuously modify their systems to give both their customers and loan officers the best solutions available. “We have focused on growing our support team as we grow our loan officers partnership,” shares Chris. As they continue to grow, they are also focusing on sharing their unique energy and knowledge with others. They believe that while building a business requires making many sacrifices, a positive attitude is the key to success. 

This year, Chris and Aleyna will be speaking at the 2022 VIP Mastermind event, where they will be sharing tips on how to build a successful business based on their own experience. From what it takes to start a business, to how to change your platform to keep up with the market, you won’t want to miss this. 

Learn more about Christoffer and Aleyna Groves by visiting their business website here. You can also find Chris on Instagram here

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