Yuri Mavashev Has a 7-Figure Business Helping Online Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants Sell Their Products & Services Through Online Virtual Events and Have 6-Figure Sales DAYS. Find Out More Below.

Yuri Mavashev immigrated to the United States with his parents at the age of six. Not coming from a rich family, Yuri always worked hard to help his family make ends meet. He saw his job as a way to give back to his parents and always strived to provide for them. After graduating from college with a business and finance background, Yuri worked for Fortune 500 Companies & Global Marketing Agencies in Corporate Finance.

However, he realized that he was unhappy with the day to day 9-5 corporate life and environment that it created for him and his family. Simply put, he wanted freedom. And he started achieving this by helping people create their dream a reality. He wanted to have more impact on people’s lives and wanted to help them succeed! After some trial and error in starting his own business, Yuri finally found the thing that would help him serve his clients and at the same time, accomplish his goals.

“We help Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants & B2B Service Providers grow and scale their business online through leveraged digital marketing & business development systems. “Our systems enable our clients to have $50k, $100k, or $300k paydays. One of our clients had a $600k payday with an online virtual event selling a coaching program.” Yuri explains.

Yuri sees his business as a win-win situation for both his clients and his businesses. He was finally able to be free from working for someone while still being able to help others achieve their own goals and reach financial freedom. In addition, he is also working with and learning from some of the best players in the online business space.

“I’ve always wanted to be free from bosses. I wanted to work on my own terms. I consistently invest in working with top mentors & marketers. These guys teach and continue to teach me the importance of marketing and sales and how I can make a great living. The revolution of the online space. The democratization of things that were once only done in person, now can be done online with scale. The ability to help those who want to share their message, get into the online world to achieve their dreams, while working wherever they want, whenever they want, with whom they want, how much they want,” Yuri states.

What differentiates Yuri from others in the same field is that he teaches people how to leverage their time through numerous systems, tools and strategies to help them be successful. In other words, he is teaching people how to make every aspect of their businesses and their lives useful.

“Everything we do is about showing online coaches, consultants and B2B service providers, how to leverage their knowledge with systems, while saving tons of TIME, whether it’s marketing, sales or delivery of products & services.  Our systems are about strategy, speed and results. The competition is all about making a buck and giving their clients hustle culture. For us, it’s about actually helping people and businesses achieve their goals through leverage, speed, and results. This is why our clients love us and it’s our pride,” Yuri says.

Along with continuing to make a difference in people’s lives, Yuri has other exciting plans for the future. He details them below:

“Our goal is to help online entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and B2B service providers share their message, impact and give to as many people & businesses as they can, while achieving their goals and financial freedom.

If you would like help launching or scaling your Online High Ticket Program or Course, and want to get your message out to the world, whether you are a coach, consultant or B2B Service provider, we are here to serve and help you grow and scale using online virtual events.

To find out more about Yuri, follow him on instagram here.

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