A Difficult Business Path Helped Lead 22 Year Old Multi 6 Figure Entrepreneur Juan Mancera to Success.

Juan Mancera did not have your typical journey to success. He started out living with a family that had two hard working parents who were barely around due to needing to make ends meet. This left a lasting impression on Juan as he grew up watching his parents struggle while working day in and day out.

“I come from a family of 2 immigrant parents who were never really home because they had to work double shifts just to help us barely get by and put food on the table. That’s what made me mature and start hustling at a very young age. When I was 14 I was going door to door selling newspaper subscriptions and although it was scary, that’s what broke me out of my shell and I quickly became the top salesman. What kept me motivated was the fact that I had to do whatever it took to help my family,” Juan recounts.

From this point, Juan was in and out of different business ventures that kept leaving him in a dead end. He had finally made his first 6 figure income at age 19 but was let go for not seeing eye to eye with upper management, he was scammed out of 20,000 dollars trying to work with another person to start a new ecommerce business, and much more back to back adversity. This left him in a severe state of depression that he struggled to overcome until he started working on his personal development and came across his current mentor who would change everything for Juan.

“I was in a really dark place and was at the lowest point of my life. I had to listen to self help audios endlessly in order to reprogram my mindset. That’s what finally gave me the courage to seek guidance and I came across my now mentor, Raphael Vargas on Instagram and was inspired by his content. I made the commitment that I was going to do whatever it took to become successful in real estate just like he had and that I would pull myself back up. I went on to build a successful real estate business with over 10 sales agents, making well over 6 figures but I knew I was meant to serve a bigger purpose. I recently left real estate completely so I could partner up with my mentor and a few very successful traders to launch one of the fastest growing online educational platforms teaching people how to effectively trade in the foreign exchange market. This platform is helping everyday people start making money online with a very low barrier to entry. I feel more fulfilled knowing that I’m able to make an impact on someone’s life rather than just making money for myself.”  Juan states.

Now, Juan is teaching people how to access and achieve success in the trading market. With so much uncertainty in the market, it is important to have a guide that can help you build towards success despite the turbulent times.

We are aware that 90% of traders lose in the markets so we want to teach people how to trade with the banks & big hedge funds, who are controlling them. We provide an end to end solution through our 6 month gameplan to help our students go from knowing absolutely nothing to becoming funded traders making a full time income online,” Juan says.

What differentiates Juan from others is that he is passionate about what he does. In addition to being so young and so successful as a 22 year old, having traveled a long and difficult journey, he knows what it takes to succeed despite the odds. He channels all that he has learned into his platform to be able to teach others to avoid similar pitfalls.

“I am genuinely passionate about helping people become successful. I am very connected with the purpose that God has given me. Having gone through so much pain and adversity got me to where I am today and I strongly believe everything was for a reason. I want to help empower others to reach the same or an even greater level of success than I have,” Juan remarks.

However, Juan is not done making an impact. His goal in the new year is to help change 1000 people’s lives so that they too can achieve financial independence and freedom like he did. To find out more about Juan and keep up with all that he is doing, follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.

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