Elijah Goins Went Through A Difficult Start To Life, But Turned It Around To Create Two Incredible Businesses

Elijah Goins had a rough start to life. He was a teenager who was struggling with finding himself and finding what was important to him in life. What kept him going through these difficult times was his ability to persevere and keep a goal of a better life in his mind despite whatever obstacles were immediately in his path.

“My story that makes me unique starts off with my beginning. I started off as a pot headed teen that was lost in life. I had lost a lot of people who held great impact on me and I lost the only thing that mattered to me at one point which was basketball. I had become a blank canvas. I had lost everything that gave me meaning and I lost myself. So I was constantly fighting my demons in my head every single day, I knew there was more for me and one day I decided I was fed up on where I was going and I was under settling myself. So I mapped out a 3 month goal and visualized it every single day. I needed hope in my life and I felt that I had lost everything,” Elijah explains.

Elijah decided, with that goal in mind, to turn his entire life around. He began practicing healthier habits and taking steps to change himself. He found new mentors in people he studied that helped him find a new direction as well.

“I started working out and reading fitness books and business books constantly consuming my mind with knowledge. I studied successful people and high impact individuals like Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Ed Mylett, David Goggins, and Grant Cardone  and would analize their character and spent countless hours trying to understand how I could reach that level. I had to sacrifice everything, I was all alone and all I had was myself and my ambition but I kept pushing myself everyday to grow,” Elijah states.

After finding new meaning in life, Elijah began working on his business endeavors. He now runs both an online coaching business and an online clothing business. He worked long hours to make his business a reality, but loved every minute of it.

“Eventually I trained people in my apartment complex to fund my clothing brand. I would get up at 3 in the morning in order to train clients and stayed at the gym all day long in order to pitch to potential clients. I became relentless for success. I made sure that I was never outworked. I pushed myself every single day at one point, I was working 20 hours a day to balance education, my clothing brand, online coaching, and my job, but it changed my identity. It made me realize that I was unique and that my work ethic was unmatched. I wasn’t wrong. Flash forward to now and I own two growing businesses and create an impact on a massive scale. Coaching 100s of Elite performers and CEOs with life and fitness and creating a massive impact on the clothing scene,” Elijah says.

Elijah has continued to separate himself from the competition by focusing on no one else but himself and working hard every day to ensure the best quality for his customers. His advice for those looking to start their own business is to not be afraid of going for your dreams.

“Just start; don’t be afraid of failure, grow every single day and become relentless to achieving your goal. Don’t be afraid to make sacrifices in order to succeed, you’re going to have to make plenty of sacrifices. Make sure your habits match the success you want in life and raise your standards. A habit that helped me get to this level is visualizing my future self and pretending that I am him and take the same actions I would take at that level,Don’t settle for nothing less than your goal and hold yourself to very high standards and the success will come. Last tip is take care of your body and give as much value as possible to your customers then the money and success will come. Visualize who you want to be and set goals. Don’t forget success with plenty of sacrifice. Before starting ask yourself this question: What are you willing to give up? What suffering are you willing to endure?” Elijah advises.

To find out more about Elijah, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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