Jackie Zuk Launches ‘NEXTonSCENE,’ Helping Entrepreneurs Find Their Voice in Overcrowded Markets

It’s not every day that somebody truly disrupts the oversaturated industry of media and marketing, but entrepreneur Jackie Zuk is out to do exactly that. From photo & video shoots, to email marketing and even direct media placement, Jackie’s team helps entrepreneurs of every stripe get their name out into the world. By leveraging her own experience with social media and branding, Jackie is able to provide top-level services while disrupting traditional marketing firms’ old-school, fee-heavy models.

“I was sick and tired of getting rejected and not hearing back from media outlets because I wasn’t ‘connected’ or ‘experienced’ enough,” shares Jackie. “So I decided to create my own brand, and I am SO glad that I did. Thanks to the world of social media I now work with clients from startups to celebrities all over the world, bringing their brand and products to the next level.”

Jackie understands from her own experience just how difficult it can be to break onto the scene in an overcrowded industry or market. Entrepreneurs, startups, and even social media influencers take on a tremendous amount of pressure just trying to get the visibility they need to get their business off of the ground. Furthermore, traditional marketing firms charge crazy amounts for their services, effectively acting as premium gatekeepers on what otherwise should be an even playing field. 

“When I moved from New York to Boston, I faced rejection and ghosting on a daily basis. It just seemed like I was never cut-out for a job in corporate America, so I decided to strike out on my own! It all began with a start-up podcast company that threw me into the podcasting world 8 years ago, and my purpose around new media models of business after leaving that job completely took off ever since.”

Jackie now runs her own podcast with more than 1 million lifetime listeners, while publishing her own print and digital magazine twice a year. Building on this personal experience, Jackie’s consulting business has skyrocketed, working with everyone from successful startup founders to world-renowned celebrities and influencers. Her work focuses on a holistic top-to-bottom approach for clients, and has helped boost the reputation of some of today’s best-known personalities.

“There are so many people who do bits and pieces of what we offer,” Jackie confides, “but what sets my service apart is our ability to handle the whole process from start to finish: photoshoots, glam-time, full-on marketing strategy plans, email marketing and CRM, influencer partnerships – we truly do it all for our clients. No matter how many people are in your industry, I will make sure that you stand out for who YOU are. Competition doesn’t matter; don’t forget that people will always hire you for you!”

Moving forward, Jackie is excited to announce the launch of her new site, NextOnScene.com, as well as the birth of her first child! With more clients in the pipeline and a new member of her family, Jackie is diving headfirst into her role as one of America’s top disruptors, named one of Yahoo News & Finance’s Top 10 Social Media Experts to look out for this 2021. No matter the client, no matter the industry, Jackie will always be there to provide her clients with the highest level of marketing and media support.

You can follow Jackie on Instagram (@jackiezuk) or visit her website: www.jackiezuk.com

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