Jorge Cuenca Was Faced With Major Obstacles Early On in Life. He Never Let Them Slow Him Down. Find Out More Below.

Jorge Cuenca is not your typical entrepreneur. He has not followed a linear trajectory from day one, but this is his strength not his weakness. He had a difficult beginning to his career filled with obstacles that appeared nearly impossible to surmount.

“At 20 years old I found myself in a new country, not knowing this country’s Language or way of life. I had to adapt to new rules and ways of thinking. I started working from Day one to pay bills and practically survive every day. I was struggling and on top of it all I was helping my dad deal with Cancer. Unfortunately, after 2 years my dad passed away, and at the same time I got a letter from Emigration that I had to leave the US in 30 days,” Jorge explains.

Jorge was then faced with two options: he could give up and return home or he could try again and make things work despite the harsh odds against him. He chose the latter option. Changing his mindset helped him begin to take the right steps to success, but changing his mindset didn’t compare to what finding the right motivation did for him.

“I found myself in a situation where I only had two options: either I return to my country as a failure or stay and keep moving forward. So, after a lot of thinking I made the decision to get up and use my pain as a motivation to move forward. Things little by little started to change; I got the best news ever: I was about to become a dad and that pushed me even harder to move forward. All these experiences make me today the man I am today. A Father, a Husband, a son and a humble man willing to work hard to make his dreams come true and willing to take the necessary risks to achieve my goals,” Jorge states.

Now, Jorge runs his own e-commerce business, but that is only skimming the surface of what he does. He also runs a credit repair business as well as teaches a course where he teaches people how to grow, maintain, and build good credit.

“Well after working different jobs; sometimes 3 at the same time, countless sleepless nights and no time to be with my newborn baby girl and wife. I was desperate for a solution, a way out of that rat race circle. My wife and I were in agreement and made the decision to learn new skills and develop a new business where I was able to not only help myself but to help other Emigrants. We now teach them how to handle their personal and business credit which is very important in the U.S.A. We also teach them how to start a new business especially in the area of E-commerce,” Jorge says.

What differentiates Jorge from the rest of the crowd in his various industries is his ability to be hands-on and to be engaged in everything he is doing. This helps him develop a great relationship with everyone he encounters.

“We are very hands on. We pride ourselves on white glove service and give them all the tools they need to be successful to make sure they understand the business and carry it properly. We go above and beyond to give them success in all areas,” Jorge details.

Jorge has some very exciting projects planned for the future which he explains below:

“We would like to do a LVLUP EXPERIENCE RETREAT, PODCAST showcasing real life stories on how to build business credit, eBooks and provide so much more value overall.”

To find out more about Jorge, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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