Priscilla Vilchis Built The Way For Other Latina Entrepreneurs. She Is A Pioneer Of Industry Who Wants To Make Sure That Others Are Able To Follow In Her Footsteps

Priscilla Vilchis, better known as the Hollyweed Queen, is a risk taker, boundary breaker, and much more. She took a leap of faith and decided to drop out of college to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship. She isa trailblazer in the marijuana industry for many people, but specifically for latina women.

“After breaking cultural, financial and gender barriers, I am the youngest and first Latina CEO to be awarded two of the most difficult licenses anyone could get in the state of Nevada and California: marijuana licenses. 

I am a serial risk taker who dropped out of college to start a business within the healthcare and insurance industry in my early 20’s. The business quickly took off and by the age of 27, I decided to invest in marijuana after experiencing the opioid crisis firsthand. I am the CEO of Premium Produce and founder of the famous cannabis line called Reina. 

Premium Produce is a 25,000 square foot, $6 million cultivation and laboratory facility in Las Vegas and is currently expanding to Lynwood, California. We are a company that provides patients in states with medical cannabis programs access to safe, efficacious cannabinoid medicines and cultivates our own cannabis products.

Reina Wellness is your best source for Non-GMO CBD oils. It is third party certified for purity and potency, and proudly made in the USA,” Priscilla recounts.

Her career did not start off with the marijuana industry immediately. She began her journey in the healthcare industry where she saw how much the opioid epidemic affected people. She wanted to help people through a different kind of therapy that could offer relief.

“I started in the healthcare industry managing physicians throughout Southern California and rapidly expanded to other states. While working in healthcare, I saw that the opioid epidemic had become a serious issue afflicting the U.S., so I decided to enter the cannabis industry after I learned that cannabis had many therapeutic effects and could be used as an alternative medication for many health ailments. My goal is to get medical cannabis reimbursable by health insurance systems.

I also want to bring the Latinx representation to the industry and I am doing this not only by being the first Latina to be granted cannabis licenses in California and Nevada, but also through my cannabis line called Reina. Reina means “queen” in spanish and I wanted to bring forward my latin roots to the industry and so far, the line is doing really well.,” Priscilla explains.

Priscilla would love to be an inspiration to other latina women who want to be entrepreneurs in the same industry. She has set a path for people to follow and hopes that it will happen so that others can climb the ladder of success with her.

“Success would be seeing more Latinas in the cannabis industry. Being the first Latina to be granted cannabis licenses in Nevada and California came with a lot of challenges. Knowing that I helped paved the way for more Latinas would mean success for me,” Priscilla says.

Her success shows and has helped her forge ahead despite the difficulties that the pandemic has presented. Her next big move is to expand her products to California and keep doing what she does best.

“I am expanding my cultivation facility Premium Produce to Lynwood California. It feels great to make a breakthrough in my home state of California. 

Before the end of the first quarter of 2021, the goal is to have my first harvest and start selling my Reina products in California.

In California, I will then be able to deliver straight to consumers compared to my current process in Nevada where I currently sell to dispensaries, who then sell to consumers,” Priscilla states.

To learn more about Priscilla, you can follow her on instagram here and check out her website here.

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