The MOGULBODY App Announces Partnership with Express Health Systems, One of the Largest Private Telehealth Providers in the United States

MOGULBODY is a social intermittent fasting tracker app designed to help users achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.

The app was launched during the pandemic to provide holistic fasting support to users looking to improve their health while in lockdown or dealing with changed routines. Since then, they have continued to grow and provide more services for their users.

Recently, MOGULBODY app partnered with Express Health Systems, a physician-owned private practice that has helped hundreds of thousands of patients reach their weight loss goals across 47 states since 2016. 

As a result of this partnership, prescription treatment options are available through EHS and can act as a supplement to Intermittent Fasting and the MOGULBODY Workout Challenges. 

Additionally, MOGULBODY X+ subscribers will have access to exclusive discounts with Express Health Systems. This is yet another way that MOGULBODY is helping people improve their habits.

MOGULBODY has also increased user support on their webpage. Users can now find answers to common questions about intermittent fasting, workout challenges, weight loss, and more through the FAQ section on their website.

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