David DeCelle Had a Successful Career As A Financial Advisor. Now, It is His Goal to Help Others Do the Same

David DeCelle grew up in a blue collar family and a humble background, but was able to turn his life into something big. Now, he runs a consulting business for other financial advisors and is continuing on his path towards success after many years as a financial advisor himself.

“Growing up in a blue collar family, I have always wanted to redefine what success can be for my family and ensure that future generations of mine can have the tools necessary to live fulfilled lives that are centered around serving others. After serving as a financial advisor for 7 years, I now lead Model FA as their President. Alongside my team, I serve individual advisors as well as $2B+ RIAs and fund companies throughout the industry. Specifically, my team and I help with branding, marketing, business development, practice management, client service and experience ensuring that advisors turn their clients into raving fans,” David explains.

David decided to get back into the world of business and helping others because he loves the world of business and finance. In many ways, this is like a calling for him; after putting so many years into the business, he wants to give back in as many ways as possible.

“I saw a need in the industry to redefine how advisors learn and how they should grow their business. Others in the market place were not up to speed with today’s digital environment and therefore there was a need for my services. Simply put, I love helping advisors fall in love with their business again. 2020 was an exciting and challenging year that allowed my team at Model FA to shift to what advisors needed at that time and help them through a year that no one could have predicted. So far in 2021, we have made progress on a couple M&A deals that can help catapult us even further,” David states.

What has helped David separate himself from the crowd is his mindset and ability to accomplish goals due to his strict mindset and mentality. When David sets his mind to something, he does it!

“Mindset is of the utmost importance. If you can’t master your mind, you can master anything else. It’s important to always be a perpetual learner by reading/listening to books and podcasts so that you can be green and growing rather than ripe and rotting. In 2020, I read 170 books and in 2021, I have a goal of reading 200. I am equally committed to my own mind, body, spirit— and to intentionally spending quality time with family and friends,” David says.

After so many years of working on both sides of the industry, David has some advice for those looking to get into the business. His business has survived covid-19 and come out almost unscathed and he wants to share how he did it with others.

“Find someone who is where you want to be and ask them for help. Always be learning and work on mastering yourself, your discipline and your consistency. Fear to me should be flipped around. If you’re fearful of doing something, that’s great; it means you’re on the right track and you’ll either succeed or learn,” David advises.

To find out more about David, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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