How Erika Garcia Created a Direct Market for Travel to Mexico for the Holidays

It’s easy to equate business owners as only being concerned with profits, products, and the bottom line. Not so for Erika Garcia – her business, first and foremost, is a people business. In her own words, Erika describes her business as a business of wants and dreams.

“People remember their fears and want to overcome them and they have the power to do that. We are in the business of people serving people. We are in a business where we are proud of our roots, our Mexican hospitality and transmitting that through a holiday in a card,” Erika explains. 

In the last 18 years, Erika’s business has served over 300,000 families by bringing them to experience the beauty of Mexico. Although it’s advertised as a holiday, Erika truly believes in selling happiness. 

“The joy and meaning that each family, couple and person that came from any other brands historically had a unique story. Everyone was trying to get back some kind of connection with themselves, their families, and nature at the same time that they were meeting the need of exploring a new country, yet being very close,” Erika says. 

Erika and her business keep close to heart the belief that life happens in moments, and they take true responsibility in creating those moments in a memorable way. They are not brokers, a travel agency, or a tour company. Instead, they control the experience from beginning to end, both in digital and physical terms. 

Inspired by the desire to see amazing resorts at any and every budget, and minimize the risk of investing in travel businesses, Erika sought to create a business that would allow for direct networks between customers and resorts. 

“I wanted to bring customers to see amazing resorts while also creating businesses, generating jobs, and investmenting in our country. Often travel businesses don’t control the outcome based on knowing how many people were going to be in the resorts. They depended on third parties, so I decided if we could go direct, it would be better,” Erika outlines. 

Even with a clear, streamlined plan, Erika admits that there are big challenges ahead when starting a business. Laying down the proper foundation and systems to manage products and services, hiring the right people for a close-knit team, and preparing the financial, marketing, sales, and administrative aspects of the business all must be accomplished before embarking on an entrepreneurial jump. But once you make the first, difficult step, Erika says, there is no turning back.

In working through difficult obstacles, Erika keeps her mindset clear, a crucial part of managing any business. Erika believes that new behaviors come from new choices, rather than a familiar path. 

“You change your thoughts, you change your mindset, you change your mindset, you change your energy, you change your life. Mindset is crucial, the set of belief systems whether they are limited beliefs or unlimited beliefs, determines the way that we act,” Erika says. 

In the coming year, Erika is looking forward to creating a platform to inspire men and women with entrepreneurial spirit to chase their dreams and create businesses, specifically Latina women like herself. 

“I want to send a message, from a woman’s point of view, to Latina women that they do not have to ask permission to go for their dreams. They have the right to abundance and love. Because no one is going to provide anything for them, they have to create it from within. I am focused on helping reactivate the Mexican carribean, and am very proud of what we do,” Erika says. 

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