This community-driven NFT is poised to flip the script on booming digital art collectibles

“We have only experienced sadness… only hunger and anger… only the absence of hope… until today. Today, we hear high praises of The Guardian – the one who will save us. We learn that The Guardian has saved us many times from ruin, that The Darkness has defeated The Guardian, and that The Darkness is upon us… unless The Guardian returns. But The Guardian is weak, and can only rise again with the life force of our people… so we must commit our bodies and our hearts to prevent The Darkness from ending it all. We must commit… and we do. Guide us, Guardian. Do what you must.”

Thus begins the rise of the world’s next hottest NFT: Cultiez.  Brainchild of an intrepid team of entrepreneurs and blockchain experts, Cultiez is set to revolutionize the way we invest in, trade, and gather around NFT art. With a limited run of up to 7,000 of these unique NFTs and an exclusive 650-person whitelist now available on Discord, Cultiez is generating a brand image and online traction unrivaled in the NFT space. As lesser shops increasingly pump and dump repetitive products into the market, Cultiez is setting itself apart by building a community around its NFTs, allowing community members to vote and participate in group online events. 

“We wanted to build a community around unique collectible art themes using some of the amazing web3 tools and generative digital art technology,” shares co-founder Ryan Cheng. “There are a number of benefits for Cultiez owners. Cultiez owners will be able to vote with other members of the community for charities that we will divide 10% of our proceeds among. They will also be entered into a giveaway for ten custom vinyl toys made in the exact likeness of the Cultiez NFT that they own. Owners also have exclusive access to Cultiez events in the Metaverse, as well as to a secret project that our team is working on, which we will reveal more details on very soon..!”

While it may look like a simple project from the outside looking in, under the hood Cultiez is one of the most sophisticated projects of its genre. The Cultiez team draws on its members’ deep experience in everything from software development and programming, to marketing and digital art. They also have their own metaverse By partnering with digital artists to create the tiny, but powerful Cultiez figures, the team was able to carve out a niche in the oversaturated world of NFT art; building hype without succumbing to overhype, and creating traction without losing themselves to the project’s growing momentum. ​​Ryan and his team are also working on an important project on a larger scale, that will build on the community aspect of Cultiez to share a new vision with the rest of the world.

“As a whole, blockchain represents more than just a technology. It is an indicator of how the future of our society will operate. This concept is something that we think is going to greatly benefit and advance how we deal with things like money, important documents, personal information, creative value, and much, much more. This movement towards decentralization is something that we all want to contribute to since we believe that it will help change the world for the better, and we want to be a part of that change.”

Speaking to the uniqueness of their specific NFT community, the co-founders share their amazement at the breadth of different projects out there. Indeed, a multitude of approaches to the NFT space have proliferated in the past few months, but Cultiez is nevertheless setting itself apart through its unique community involvement feature changing the dynamic story. Cultiez’ approach is to be as organic and transparent as possible, building on the qualities that originally made the blockchain such an appealing technology. By decentralizing their marketing and distribution efforts, the team at Cultiez is hoping to hand power over the product back to their NFT owners, who will ultimately determine the success of Cultiez. Virtual and real world implications are decided by cultiez owners. The first stop is to vote on a charity where 10% of the proceeds will be donated based on the vote of the majority. 

There is also a big announcement around collaboration with a virtual reality App on the Oculus VR devices. Cultiez owners can meet inside the 3d world of Cultiverse with their avatars to showcase their NFTs and other 3D objets. The cultiverse is open to everyone, but it’s free for Cultiez NFT owners. More on this coming soon!

Keep up to date with Cultiez projects on Twitter or join their Discord for an opportunity to join the Cultiez community!

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